Groups to encourage fellowship, discipleship and study...

Lifegroups are small groups of believers within the church that meet to deepen each others relationships with Christ and the body. Meetings typically occur once a week and are each very different. We encourage every attender at Lifepoint to get involved with a Lifegroup!

Lifegroup Questions

Acts of the Faithful -  Kevin Johnston

God’s grace knows no bounds. God uses
Ordinary people. God can use a truck
Driver. God can use a fisherman. He can use a
Salesman. God can use a tax collector.

God can use a mechanic. He can use a
Race car driver. He can use a middle school teacher. Or
A police officer. Or a forklift driver. Or a politician. Or a
Crook or a thief. Or even a murderer. God uses
Everyone for His glory.


His love stretches beyond the limits of our imagination.

God’s love is not ranks by the limits of our humanity.

God can miraculously change your situation.

God’s grace knows no bounds.

Getting to Know One Another:

Have you ever experienced something that you cannot explain but know God was glorified? 


Has God ever used you for something miraculous?

How did it feel to know God was actively using you? 



Do you know anyone who is like Dorcus?

Why do you think these types of people are vital in God’s Kingdom?


Getting to Know the Word:

Who healed Aeneas? Who rose Dorcus?

Was it Peter?
Beyond healing and rising from the dead, what do you think are some miracles the my be overlooked? 





Read Matthew 6:34.

What does this verse mean to you? Do you trust that God is in Control?

Getting to Know God: 

Do you have to be a great person to be used by God?
Why is faith so important when we are opening ourselves to be used by God?
Sometimes, miracles steal the thunder.

What should be glorified when we read/see miracles? 








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