Groups to encourage fellowship, discipleship and study...

Life Groups are small groups of believers within the church that meet to deepen each others relationships with Christ and the body. Meetings typically occur once a week and are each very different. We encourage every attender at Lifepoint to get involved with a Life Group!

Life Group Questions

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Everything Will Be All Right - Kevin Johnston

Where do our priorities lie? What are we investing in?

Are our treasures divine heavenly treasures? Or are our treasures earthly treasures?

Are we navigating this life with God-given light? Or are we allowing the darkness of this world to navigate us?

Who is our Master? The Creator of the universe? Or money and earthly pleasures? 


These are tough questions, but they are important questions if we truly wish to receive freedom from stress and anxiety.


Getting to Know One Another:

Do you have any irrational fears?                        



Is there anything in your life that may be a distraction? Is there something that pulls your attention away from God? 




Getting to Know the Word:

Read Matthew 6:19-21. Where are you storing your treasures? Is there anything you need to work on? 





Read Matthew 6:34. How does this verse speak to you? How can we focus more on God to achieve freedom from worry? 

Getting to Know God: 

In Matthew 6, Jesus says that you are important to God. How does that hit home for you? 




How has God lifted stress and anxiety for you? 




What did I learn this week that I can put to use in my own life?