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Lifegroups are small groups of believers within the church that meet to deepen each others relationships with Christ and the body. Meetings typically occur once a week and are each very different. We encourage every attender at Lifepoint to get involved with a Lifegroup!

Lifegroup Questions

Bruce Hutchins

Sunday Nights at 7:00pm 6370 Zircon Ave. Alta Loma, CA 91701 (909) 938-8723

Scot Myers

Study for the Deaf Sunday Mornings at 8:00am In the Large Classroom (909) 496-1462

Andrew and Mari Fausel

Monday Nights at 6:30pm 5054 Solitude Ct. Alta Loma, 91737 (909) 579-9747

Kristen Schmidt

The Y.A.R.D. Tuesday Nights at 6:30pm In the sanctuary (909) 218-6889

Victor and Caroline Trujillo

Tuesday Nights at 7:00pm 1753 North Solano Ave. Ontario, CA 91764 (626) 646-8207

Bernie and Sylvia Braunwalder

Saturday Mornings at 7:00am In the large classroom (909) 224-9943

Good News! -  Glenn Myers

Most of us have run across the. “bullhorn guy” standing on the corner and condemning the sins of everyone within ear shot.  It’s amazing how many people believe our call to share the good news is a call to condemn and berate sinners with a sense of rage and hatred. They tend to rant and rave about social ills, they polarize people, and they tend to focus more on judgment and God’s wrath than on the hope and love that Christ offers.
Telling passersby that God is going to “get them,” if they partake in rock music, dancing, gambling, long hair, tattoos, drinking, smoking, and whatever, tends to push more people away from the faith than it draws near. They imply that everyone needs to become as good a Christian as they are. We need to repent and be like them.
Are there things in our society that displease God? Yes. Is there rampant sin? Yes. Will there be a judgment at which God will punish sin? Absolutely.   But judgment is not the theme of the gospel, nor of the Bible. The theme of the good news is salvation, love and forgiveness. The good news is that Jesus has rescued us from the judgment and wrath of God. And this rescue is available to everyone who looks to Christ, regardless of who they are, or what they’ve done.  This week in Life Group we are looking into the message of Good News.

Getting to Know One Another:

Do you remember the first time some took the time to share the good news of Jesus with you?  

What happened?
What exactly is the “Good News?” 


Getting to Know the Word:

Based on what we know about Paul the city of Athens in Paul’s day, What do you believe prompted him to begin teaching and preaching Jesus?  
Read Acts 18:5-8.

What do Paul’s words and actions say about our responsibilities towards the good news?

“But when they opposed him and blasphemed, he shook his  garments  and said to them, “Your blood be upon your own heads; I am clean. From now on I will go to the Gentiles.”  


The closed door to the Jews opened the door for the Gentiles to receive the gospel.

Do you believe that God will always leave us with an opportunity to share the Gospel?  

Why or why not? 
What do we know about what Paul understood about his work and power for ministry?  

Explain each.
Acts 18:5, His work:
Acts 18:10:  His power:
Do these carry over to us?  


Getting to Know God:

(Acts 18:9-10) In a vision God said to Paul, “Do not be afraid, but speak, and do not keep silent; 10 for I am with you…”  

How and why did this prove to embolden Paul?

How does this help with our witnesses of the Gospel?

Read Matthew 28:18-20.  

What does God want us to do with the good news of Jesus?

What did I learn this week that I can put to use in my own life?