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Event Expectations

  1. All events will be held with respect for the core Christian values that Lifepoint upholds.

  2. No event will perform or operate with intent to damage Lifepoint property or harm any person.

  3. The organization or ministry hosting an event is responsible for providing supplies at each event (coffee, bowls, etc.) unless prior arrangements have been made with the Elders/Pastoral staff.

  4. Resources provided by Lifepoint (chairs, projector, etc.) are to be handled and returned to their original state by the host.

  5. Each host is responsible for returning Lifepoint room(s) to the same condition it was in before the event began.

  6. Lifepoint events with repeated occurrences of leaving rooms in unacceptable condition may require a $50 deposit for future events, or the refusal of future events.

  7. Events from outside hosts will be charged a $50 fee with a $50 cleanup deposit that is returnable upon verification of the room(s) proper state.

  8. Announcements only run for up to THREE weeks, unless special arrangements have been made. If you are soliciting help with a function or require an advanced reservation/registration, you may submit your announcement up to SEVEN (7) weeks before the event. You then skip a week when scheduling the announcement for your event.


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