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Our church is constantly filled with people from all walks of life. From new believers to lifetime Christians to knowledgeable theologians, we know it is unfair to expect everyone to be on the same level. While Sunday services give a solid level of teaching, and Lifegroups offer an opportunity for deeper study, it can be difficult to find a place to grasp the basic tenets of Christianity. This is why we developed Blueprints classes. This three step program offers the chance for anyone to learn the foundations of our faith, the doctrines of our church, and how to be an effective leader in the body of Christ. Classes are taught to the Lifegroups on a rotating basis.

Our first class studies the foundations of our faith. As in any life venture, attempting to navigate the Christian life without a strong understanding of the fundamentals can be exhausting and deflating.


Foundations was designed to bring clarity and comprehension to the church. Examples of the lessons in this class are:


  • The Books of the Bible

  • Church History

  • Old Testament Overview

  • New Testament Overview

  • Basic Apologetics

Our second class examines what Lifepoint stands for, and what separates us from other churches. With so many doctrines between differing denominations, it can be difficult to understand what to believe.


Doctrines was designed to give a clear idea of what we believe and why. Examples of the lessons in this class are:


  • Statement of Faith

  • The Trinity

  • Justification

  • Spiritual Gifts

  • The Sacraments

Our final class teaches the skills and understanding required to lead a group from a teaching position. Teaching is one of the highest callings in a church, and it is important that our leaders have an overt direction.


Leadership was designed to create capable and confident leaders. Examples of the lessons in this class are:


  • Public Speaking

  • Church Structure

  • Preparing Lessons

  • Communication Skills

  • Advanced Apologetics

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